The Path of an Artist


My artistic path started as a young girl exploring cloud shapes, crayola crayons and a neighborhood of games that let your imagination run wild. It developed through middle and high school and eventually lead me to art school in Chicago. I worked steadily in Advertising firms and found myself doing craft shows on the weekends just to keep painting. This lead me to the world of decorative painting, designing, exhibiting, and teaching locally and throughout the United States. It has been 20 years in this industry and change is in the air. The pull of online teaching, reaching students worldwide and creating courses that allow the student to find their own voice is what 2017 has in store for me. And, it is with nervous energy that I leave the comfort of the art world that I have grown up in. It is a wonderful thing to pursue growth, challenge yourself and push the limits on everything you do. It has become my “norm” if you will. The idea that boundaries are made to be broken, stepped into and forseen as what is next. It is scary but I am so looking forward to what creative delight the next decade will bring forth. Finding courage, taking a leap of faith and hoping a new audience as well as my present one will once again join me on this inspired journey into the next phase of my artful life. I can promise you this, it will be anything but normal. After all, I am at the helm and you never know what is going on in my ever thinking, no limitations, endless possibilities, creative brain. Are you ready for the journey into 2017? I know I am – onward!

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