A New Year

X Day 11sIG

I’m ready for a New Year to begin. I like to set intentions for my personal and business life. They give me something to strive towards and as a goal setter, I really need the direction at times. The past year, hand-in-hand with my word Trust. has given me great rewards and unexpected results. I took the year to search deep inside to what I really love to do and to where I see myself going. Two things stuck out instantly. I love to paint and I love to teach. Now these are both things I have been doing for the past 22 years so they really didn’t come as a surprise. But what did surprise me was that I actually missed just putting paint and brush to wood. Seems simple right. However, I have made my living for the past 12+ years doing colored pencils. Art, yes, just with a different medium and different results. Oh, I like colored pencil and the fact that it, as a very controlled medium, showed me the way to realism and exactness that my architectural rendering muse inside loves very much. But after a while I just wasn’t satisfied with its limitations and not-so-quick finish. So the return of a paintbrush in my hand is something I am almost giddy about. The ideas swirling in my head are amazing, challenging and will take me out of my comfort zone once again. I am ready to see the endless possibilities of what the New Year will offer me. Are you ready?

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