My Curious Nature

gazing ball 72

I started “Meet Me Monday” on Instagram to tell a little bit about myself each week. It is really fun figuring out what to share and reveal and how the photo can say it first as well. This little gazing ball hangs in my moms background. It is full of wonderful shadows, sparkles of light and her latticework shows up beautifully within its reflections. But let me ask you, would you have seen it? This little ball is only 2″ in diameter, hanging slightly above your head. Would it have stopped you and make you take a closer look? For me, this little gazing ball speaks volumes about my curious nature. I love to learn, challenge myself any way possible, and am an over achiever most days. I just don’t look at things. I see them, study and research them until I have a better understanding of what I am looking at. I like to take photos of stages (bud, bud opening, bloom, full bloom, seed pod). It gives me a full definition of what I am seeing and helps me create art around it better and with the details I am in love with. Curiosity is part of who I am, it is my favorite thing about me because it has kept me engaged in the ordinary, the everyday, the discovery of beauty everywhere.
How does your curiosity show up?

Peeling Away the Layers

onions with darklight 72

I have immersed myself in a Master Mind group this year where we focus on business, building, defining and moving forward. We ask tough questions every single week and the answers don’t always come easy. They make you dig deep, search within and for what you really want to achieve. Some aren’t always easy to reveal, others make you sit in awe that you feel that way but never expressed it. I find as people, we have so many layers, feelings, emotions stacked within us, isn’t it time to let some of them out and into the world? I have such a hard time with being vulnerable yet my art, my creativity and my teachings are all lining up with exploring that exact thing within yourself. Funny the way things work out when trusting the universe with your inner dreams. I am ready to move forward, let my inner artistic soul out, let her see the world and all its wonder. It’s time to let her show up and create the classes I am meant to share. Those where we talk about YOU, what matters to YOU and how YOU can show up in your art. I felt the powerful shift in the air, did you? My year long class The ART Studio is coming, will you be there as we uncover the beauty within YOU, together, just our vulnerable creative selves showing up? I know I can’t wait to get this incredible journey started!

Collecting Anyone?

scarab fork girl on cement cropped tight 72

When I discovered mixed media it sent me on a bit of a fact finding mission for myself. What do I love? What speaks to my artistic side? What can I include in my art that screams Kelly? As I started hunting and gathering a little bit of mystery and intrigue began to form. I like weird things, really weird things. As they came together in my studio I noticed that is was about being curious, trusting my selective instincts and my love of composition. How can I put things together that were not meant to be displayed that way? Well, I make it work. I include a wide range of items in my photographs and find ways to incorporate them into my paintings all the while smiling because it feels just like me. I became a better artist when I included things that spoke to my heart. It made me connected to my art and after doing art for 20+ years, this was a huge thing for me to experience. I was seen, for the first time, in the bits and pieces I chose to do art around. It was life altering for me, to say the least. I hope YOU are allowing yourself to show up in your art, we would all love the chance to get to know you better!

What do you see?

nola bottles 72

I just returned from a great trip to New Orleans and this was one of the images I captured while there. I love the assortment of bottles covered in years of dust, dirt and neglected love. Their colors captivated the inquisitive muse inside wondering how such a collection came to be and what led them to showcase their beauty in such a wonderful window display. These mysterious bottles also made me think of the past year and the soul searching I have done. What matters? What do I want to present online? How am I different? What do I have to say? It has been a very busy year to say the least and I am thrilled to have had it. Time to reflect, search, ponder and really dig deep into the upcoming year and the offerings I want to present. You see, I am represented by the bottles, the gathered dust, the collective love, the standing still. It has been my art career. Starting in one place all shiny and sparkly and through the ages changing, challenging and letting myself grow into the curious artist I am today. It isn’t always pretty but the results are always the same. I must create! I love to teach and I am just in the beginning stages of what comes next which is so exciting I can barely stand it. So, what do these bottles say to you? What do you see staring back at you at this moment?

What do you Gather?


How do you gather as you begin a project? I start by finding a small box then proceed to look through my studio stash of items I love and have collected over the years. I’m just hoping something specific will jump out at me and send me on a creative journey like no other. I am always a little more than surprised when the items just seem to go together. I mean, look at the color scheme my gathering presented today? Soft, vintage and a little bit of whimsy, all because I allowed myself to just look, be inspired and peruse my collections and see what spoke to me today. There is something magical that happens when you let the subconscious work for you instead of going at it with a firm, definite plan. I like to think the muse is there, waiting to see what mood you are in today perhaps, then she guides you along in your choices. It’s not easy to be creative all the time but if you show up regularly, the process sure does get a lot easier. So, let me ask you, what are you gathering today?

Dream BIG

orange butterfly 72 large size

For the past 4 years I have taken online classes with many instructors on many sites but one has always stood out. The quality, content and wide range of techniques offered is something I am pretty particular about. I love to learn and I do the class when I register for it. I make the time, otherwise what is the point. The continued art education that I have gotten from Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Network rivals Art School in so many ways. As I started doing my own online classes, it has been a HUGE dream of mine, to one day be a featured artist on her network. Guess what? It is here. My art dream happened and I still can’t believe it!

I am thrilled that it is different from her other classes. A lot tighter but also a complete project from start to finish. It represents me in every way – the quirky tunnel of hidden discoveries, the nature elements, the muted color palette – I am highly accounted for! It is realistic yet so easy to do when I break down the steps for you and show you the simple way I build up acrylic washes to achieve my details.

The tunnel is just fascinating, trust me, it is my favorite part of the book. The fact that we take one sheet of mixed media paper and create the book from start to finish is just astonishing! In the Garden: A Tunnel Book Course does just that. It helps you discover the garden in the most wonderful ways yet you get to be the artist and choose the colors that appeal to your taste. It is so fun and I do hope you will join me, I would love to create with you In the Garden!

Here’s the course information and if you would like to see the beautiful video trailer they created oh my it gorgeous

Inspiration as a Brand


This year is a year for digging deep, figuring out what I really want to do and how to create what I want to deliver. This is no easy task, believe me. It requires diligence, studying, research and asking myself a lot of difficult questions. It is also extremely helpful because I am seeing clarity like never before. I mean, pulling blinders off to see the sun shining right in your eyes clarity. It feels great but it also brings forth reservations and an uncomfortable thought of vulnerability and transparency in what I need as an artist, teacher and all around creative being. See, it is about digging deep, right?

So with this question “what would be utterly breathtaking for your business?” I was taken aback, stunned almost because I had never really thought about my business in this way. Think about that question for your own life for a moment. It is powerful, extremely powerful. It means being amazing with limitless possibilities and dreaming big for yourself. For what you want. For what would bring a smile to your face and let your heart sing every single day. See, powerful. Write down your answer, it is important, it is a goal to lead you down a path of optimism that anything is possible! For me, the answer came like this. “To see a growth of students that truly love what I have to share in opening them up into a new area of art, a more personal side that lets them be free without restraints and conditions, a risk taking that involves trust from both of us. It is a thriving community that sees my creativity and inspiration as a part of their own.” As I type this I know it is possible, I feel it coming. Something big, something scary, but something so beautiful that it will transform the creative muse within each of us. I do hope you will join me in this inspired adventure, it is going to be life changing, I guarantee!