Are you in the Game?


As a child I loved playing games, all games, especially if you could win. Competitive, you bet, but it was always more than that. I looked at games as a way to think strategically, figure out the best ways to play and study my opponents when they weren’t looking. I am still the same way today, studying, challenging and striving for success. Can you remember how you played as a child? Do the things you remember still pertain to the person you are today? I believe games are a way to sort out how you think, plan and strategize – three of my favorite things still. In planning for the New Year I am already making lists of project I want to complete in the first quarter. I am giving myself some room and not booking myself too solid. You just never know when opportunities or new possibilities will present themselves. I am also doing a year long course, my first, to keep momentum moving forward and creating the kind of courses I would love to participate in. It has taken a lot of planning with a lot more to come but the results are already fulfilling as students are just registering for the course. A quarter of the students are worldwide, something I have only dreamed of in the past. Online allows me to reach a much broader audience, sharing my knowledge across the globe. I am truly grateful for the incredible technology of today! So, are you putting yourself in the game of dreaming big? I sure hope so, you never know what path you will discover on the journey!

My Idea of Girlie

magnolia charlotte zipper 72

As a tomboy I have a hard time doing anything really feminine. Chintz, flowered wallpapers, bed & breakfast rooms – all will make me run away faster than anything. So when challenged with “girl” as a prompt, I had to really think about that. How could I define that word in a way that said me? Yes a girl, but with a love of bugs and steampunk and the darker creepier side of things. I looked around my studio and pink stuck out in unusual ways – ribbons, zippers, thread. The magnolia reminds me of the South and the movie Steel Magnolias. The cheesecloth is there but transparent at the same time depending on the layers and reminded me of the saying “seen not heard”.¬† I thought of music and ballroom dancing, something I never had the grace or willingness to do. The little frozen charlotte doll is of eras past but their charm captures me every time. When I was gathering and trying to make a pretty “girl” picture, I was surprise that it really did feel feminine yet not too much that it didn’t feel like me. I kept the dark shadows instead of really brightening the overall photo to keep it a little grungier and more tomboy.
How would you translate “girl” in your style?


princess and the pea with gentle preset 72

Does anyone remember the Heinz Ketchup song “Anticipation” and the slow, very slow pour from the bottle? I sure do. It is what I am experiencing today, the long anticipation of a dream of mine coming true. I have been wanting to do a course, a different course for artists, creatives and anyone making art. I have had the pleasure of doing art as my full time job for over 20 years now and I still love every minute of it from inspiration to creation. The idea started last February when asked about Big Dreams and how can you make them happen. I thought about this, dug deep and came up with the idea of offering a year long course The ART Studio about the Discovery of YOU! Now, this is no easy task, I have been planning for the past couple months – ideas, scribbled notes, monthly prompts, assignments, video lessons and so much more. And, do you know what? It comes to life on Wednesday – the launch, the anticipation, the vulnerability, the Big Dream! I am feeling the swarm of butterflies in my belly, those gentle flutters from inside full of energy knowing something wonderful is near. I know this path is what’s next for me and I can’t wait to guide, encourage and support those wanting more. Art is such a personal expression and I am looking forward to creating a community around it, around you and the possibilities of creation. I hope you will join me, it is going to be amazing!

Vintage Wishes

cover with savannah and hearts 72

For years I have been wanting to self publish. I researched for places to go and wanted everyone to have a chance to get the book so I chose an online publisher I was impressed with. Their quality, easy to use format and great sales page made it a no brainer for the go ahead. To create my own book/video course all in one was a feat I was willing to tackle head on. This would mean hunting, gathering and finding props that inspire me. Arranging and photographing the props so I can create from them. Videotaping me creating and talking through each surface and colored pencil piece. Writing instructions and doing the drawings of every project. Then taking glamour shots of the finished projects so you can see them beautifully displayed. It was no small undertaking and the thought of actually filling at least 60 pages seemed quite daunting. But it was such a dream of mine, to combine a book with a video course all in one that I just pushed through it. I made a schedule, checked it off and when finished with one task moved on to the next. Before I knew it the book pieces were created and filling my studio space with the nostalgia of my childhood, Vintage Wishes was born. I still get excited seeing the book in print and even the preview will send me into giddy smiles of satisfaction see it here. It was truly a labor of love and a push into what I consider my future. I loved creating the combination and have several planned for 2018. So, what have you been dreaming of? Create the steps and make it happen, you can do this!

The Color Orange

orange tree 72

Orange is showing up a lot for me the last couple of months and I like to think that it is due to the excitement of what is coming in 2018. It represents creative energy and frankly I love the color! It decorates my studio with its enthusiastic character and just makes me smile. As I researched it online, this is what was said about orange –¬†Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. A lot of encouraging words for sure and I truly believe orange is showing up to keep me fascinated with the new year and what it holds for me. This past year has been about taking time off of work and just moving deep inside to discover what I really want, need and to explore what offerings will move me in the direction I want my business to go. I want to paint! I want to help other creatives find what moves them! I want to be present, extremely present to what my artistic heart and soul are discovering every single day! This is what orange looks like to me, a place to find myself and the courage to head in the direction of what’s next. What color speaks to you? I would love to know…

My Curious Nature

gazing ball 72

I started “Meet Me Monday” on Instagram to tell a little bit about myself each week. It is really fun figuring out what to share and reveal and how the photo can say it first as well. This little gazing ball hangs in my moms background. It is full of wonderful shadows, sparkles of light and her latticework shows up beautifully within its reflections. But let me ask you, would you have seen it? This little ball is only 2″ in diameter, hanging slightly above your head. Would it have stopped you and make you take a closer look? For me, this little gazing ball speaks volumes about my curious nature. I love to learn, challenge myself any way possible, and am an over achiever most days. I just don’t look at things. I see them, study and research them until I have a better understanding of what I am looking at. I like to take photos of stages (bud, bud opening, bloom, full bloom, seed pod). It gives me a full definition of what I am seeing and helps me create art around it better and with the details I am in love with. Curiosity is part of who I am, it is my favorite thing about me because it has kept me engaged in the ordinary, the everyday, the discovery of beauty everywhere.
How does your curiosity show up?

Peeling Away the Layers

onions with darklight 72

I have immersed myself in a Master Mind group this year where we focus on business, building, defining and moving forward. We ask tough questions every single week and the answers don’t always come easy. They make you dig deep, search within and for what you really want to achieve. Some aren’t always easy to reveal, others make you sit in awe that you feel that way but never expressed it. I find as people, we have so many layers, feelings, emotions stacked within us, isn’t it time to let some of them out and into the world? I have such a hard time with being vulnerable yet my art, my creativity and my teachings are all lining up with exploring that exact thing within yourself. Funny the way things work out when trusting the universe with your inner dreams. I am ready to move forward, let my inner artistic soul out, let her see the world and all its wonder. It’s time to let her show up and create the classes I am meant to share. Those where we talk about YOU, what matters to YOU and how YOU can show up in your art. I felt the powerful shift in the air, did you? My year long class The ART Studio is coming, will you be there as we uncover the beauty within YOU, together, just our vulnerable creative selves showing up? I know I can’t wait to get this incredible journey started!