Vintage Wishes

cover with savannah and hearts 72

For years I have been wanting to self publish. I researched for places to go and wanted everyone to have a chance to get the book so I chose an online publisher I was impressed with. Their quality, easy to use format and great sales page made it a no brainer for the go ahead. To create my own book/video course all in one was a feat I was willing to tackle head on. This would mean hunting, gathering and finding props that inspire me. Arranging and photographing the props so I can create from them. Videotaping me creating and talking through each surface and colored pencil piece. Writing instructions and doing the drawings of every project. Then taking glamour shots of the finished projects so you can see them beautifully displayed. It was no small undertaking and the thought of actually filling at least 60 pages seemed quite daunting. But it was such a dream of mine, to combine a book with a video course all in one that I just pushed through it. I made a schedule, checked it off and when finished with one task moved on to the next. Before I knew it the book pieces were created and filling my studio space with the nostalgia of my childhood, Vintage Wishes was born. I still get excited seeing the book in print and even the preview will send me into giddy smiles of satisfaction see it here. It was truly a labor of love and a push into what I consider my future. I loved creating the combination and have several planned for 2018. So, what have you been dreaming of? Create the steps and make it happen, you can do this!