My Curious Nature

gazing ball 72

I started “Meet Me Monday” on Instagram to tell a little bit about myself each week. It is really fun figuring out what to share and reveal and how the photo can say it first as well. This little gazing ball hangs in my moms background. It is full of wonderful shadows, sparkles of light and her latticework shows up beautifully within its reflections. But let me ask you, would you have seen it? This little ball is only 2″ in diameter, hanging slightly above your head. Would it have stopped you and make you take a closer look? For me, this little gazing ball speaks volumes about my curious nature. I love to learn, challenge myself any way possible, and am an over achiever most days. I just don’t look at things. I see them, study and research them until I have a better understanding of what I am looking at. I like to take photos of stages (bud, bud opening, bloom, full bloom, seed pod). It gives me a full definition of what I am seeing and helps me create art around it better and with the details I am in love with. Curiosity is part of who I am, it is my favorite thing about me because it has kept me engaged in the ordinary, the everyday, the discovery of beauty everywhere.
How does your curiosity show up?

What do you see?

nola bottles 72

I just returned from a great trip to New Orleans and this was one of the images I captured while there. I love the assortment of bottles covered in years of dust, dirt and neglected love. Their colors captivated the inquisitive muse inside wondering how such a collection came to be and what led them to showcase their beauty in such a wonderful window display. These mysterious bottles also made me think of the past year and the soul searching I have done. What matters? What do I want to present online? How am I different? What do I have to say? It has been a very busy year to say the least and I am thrilled to have had it. Time to reflect, search, ponder and really dig deep into the upcoming year and the offerings I want to present. You see, I am represented by the bottles, the gathered dust, the collective love, the standing still. It has been my art career. Starting in one place all shiny and sparkly and through the ages changing, challenging and letting myself grow into the curious artist I am today. It isn’t always pretty but the results are always the same. I must create! I love to teach and I am just in the beginning stages of what comes next which is so exciting I can barely stand it. So, what do these bottles say to you? What do you see staring back at you at this moment?

One Wish


My New Year is starting out great. I challenged myself to paint everyday in January and so far it has worked like a charm. This painting took two days to complete but what I learned along the way has made me excited to work with acrylics and my paint brushes again. While I have done almost all of my glass objects in colored pencil, I thought I would try one with paint on wood and a little bit of paper as a background. There are pros and cons with any medium, it is all in the handling. The paint, meaning I couldn’t use a ruler and a pencil for my straight lines. No problem, with paint, I can just wipe it off again and again and again until I am satisfied, right? It took me quite a while to get those nice dark oh so important edge lines on the bottle but when I finally did it, I smiled like the Cheshire Cat! I was really nervous about adding that yellow orange hue to the glass shine but thought it added so much to the design, I just had to try it. So I mixed the color, tested it on the piece, wiped it off then quickly gave myself the go ahead to just do it. With a nervous hand, a little gumption and the belief that it will be okay, I held my breath and did it. Whew! The end result looked just like the reference photo I had taken and I even surprised myself by that. So, the moral of the story here. Trust in yourself. Give yourself the courage to try new things. Know that everything takes practice, practice, and more practice. In the end, always be happy you found time to do art, shared a piece of yourself with the world and can look forward to the next day in the studio. This year is going to be artistically amazing, can you feel it? I know, right!