Your Voice, Your Style

chair hat char lilac close 72

I took a photography class years ago for several reasons – to learn lightroom, understand my camera better and to see if I really enjoyed photography. It was a huge success and along the way I also discovered I have a unique perspective on the world. Biweekly we were given prompts to challenge ourselves and give us a specific reason to pull out our cameras and shoot. This specific prompt was “chair”. Now I could have done what everyone else in the class seemed to do which was assemble a still life around a dining room chair. The photos were just lovely, some included flowers, others scarves, the lighting was gorgeous but this just wasn’t me. I took a couple days pondering the word chair and remembered that I had a little silver chair for holding place cards. So I gathered a small little box full of things and out to the garden I went. I knew the silver chair would look out of place in the flowers and I was totally right. Add the little porcelain doll, a monopoly hat and the stage set was perfect. Not only did this speak volumes to my inner muse but I was so thrilled with how different it was I couldn’t wait to share. It prompted many comments and inspired others to dig a little deeper into their work. Who knew I was a photographer in the making? Just another way to let my creative side shine.
What would you do for the prompt of “chair”?

The Color Orange

orange tree 72

Orange is showing up a lot for me the last couple of months and I like to think that it is due to the excitement of what is coming in 2018. It represents creative energy and frankly I love the color! It decorates my studio with its enthusiastic character and just makes me smile. As I researched it online, this is what was said about orange – Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. A lot of encouraging words for sure and I truly believe orange is showing up to keep me fascinated with the new year and what it holds for me. This past year has been about taking time off of work and just moving deep inside to discover what I really want, need and to explore what offerings will move me in the direction I want my business to go. I want to paint! I want to help other creatives find what moves them! I want to be present, extremely present to what my artistic heart and soul are discovering every single day! This is what orange looks like to me, a place to find myself and the courage to head in the direction of what’s next. What color speaks to you? I would love to know…

My Curious Nature

gazing ball 72

I started “Meet Me Monday” on Instagram to tell a little bit about myself each week. It is really fun figuring out what to share and reveal and how the photo can say it first as well. This little gazing ball hangs in my moms background. It is full of wonderful shadows, sparkles of light and her latticework shows up beautifully within its reflections. But let me ask you, would you have seen it? This little ball is only 2″ in diameter, hanging slightly above your head. Would it have stopped you and make you take a closer look? For me, this little gazing ball speaks volumes about my curious nature. I love to learn, challenge myself any way possible, and am an over achiever most days. I just don’t look at things. I see them, study and research them until I have a better understanding of what I am looking at. I like to take photos of stages (bud, bud opening, bloom, full bloom, seed pod). It gives me a full definition of what I am seeing and helps me create art around it better and with the details I am in love with. Curiosity is part of who I am, it is my favorite thing about me because it has kept me engaged in the ordinary, the everyday, the discovery of beauty everywhere.
How does your curiosity show up?

Follow Your Curiosities


I have such a curious nature, I always have. As a child I would spend hours laying on my Pepsi sleeping bag on our neighbors sidewalk just watching the clouds as they passed by. I would see unicorns, butterflies, angels, bears and dogs, so many dogs. They would be jumping, hiding, playing with a ball or running, always thrilling my artistic muse because I wondered if anyone else was seeing what beauty nature had to offer. Such wonderment and curiosity filled my life and thankfully it just never left. I still find myself laying on our pier watching the clouds go by, just waiting for something to peek out and reveal itself to me. Do you see her? Such joyful dancing, now where is that little dog hiding…

Dream BIG

orange butterfly 72 large size

For the past 4 years I have taken online classes with many instructors on many sites but one has always stood out. The quality, content and wide range of techniques offered is something I am pretty particular about. I love to learn and I do the class when I register for it. I make the time, otherwise what is the point. The continued art education that I have gotten from Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Network rivals Art School in so many ways. As I started doing my own online classes, it has been a HUGE dream of mine, to one day be a featured artist on her network. Guess what? It is here. My art dream happened and I still can’t believe it!

I am thrilled that it is different from her other classes. A lot tighter but also a complete project from start to finish. It represents me in every way – the quirky tunnel of hidden discoveries, the nature elements, the muted color palette – I am highly accounted for! It is realistic yet so easy to do when I break down the steps for you and show you the simple way I build up acrylic washes to achieve my details.

The tunnel is just fascinating, trust me, it is my favorite part of the book. The fact that we take one sheet of mixed media paper and create the book from start to finish is just astonishing! In the Garden: A Tunnel Book Course does just that. It helps you discover the garden in the most wonderful ways yet you get to be the artist and choose the colors that appeal to your taste. It is so fun and I do hope you will join me, I would love to create with you In the Garden!

Here’s the course information and if you would like to see the beautiful video trailer they created oh my it gorgeous



I have fallen in love with winter white this year, which is strange because I love a lot of color in my home. This display caught my eye and held my attention for several moments, while browsing one of my favorite boutiques in the area. That is huge this holiday, to get hold and retain my focus! Since I am running around with 1000 things on my mind I don’t know if it was the deer, the neutral palette or the wonderful texture the snow globe offered, but it just seemed peaceful. It is powerful when something stops you in your tracks and makes you think about things. These three little items did that for me today and I am thankful for the tranquility it offered. A quiet moment, a refreshing reflection of my life this year and a thought of stillness yet to come. Change is in the air for me and although the holidays are upon us, I am looking forward to celebrating a new year filled with unlimited possibilities. Peace and good tidings to you all!

Beauty Discovered


Discoveries, they are all around you, literally everywhere. Do you see them?
I have the ability and I think the constant curiosity to seek them out as if a game of hide and seek is happening with only us in the room. It is something I naturally do, look for the hidden treasure that no one really takes the time to find. It is part of my nature, my childhood, my genes. My mom will tell you at four years old I was already mesmerized by the clouds and their wonderful shapes. I would point them out because I wanted them to be noticed, seen by all. Can you imagine? It is such a funny thing for her to remember. So it got me thinking about an artist’s eye, is there such a thing? I know plenty of artists who struggle with color, design, composition and such. Do you really think some of these gifts are given at birth? I have to believe they are. I just can’t see an explanation otherwise.
So, during this holiday season, take the time to see the beauty of your friends and family, the gifts they are to your lives. Discovery this with new eyes as if it is the first time. It will have you wondering what else has been hidden, waiting for you to find it!