What do you see?

nola bottles 72

I just returned from a great trip to New Orleans and this was one of the images I captured while there. I love the assortment of bottles covered in years of dust, dirt and neglected love. Their colors captivated the inquisitive muse inside wondering how such a collection came to be and what led them to showcase their beauty in such a wonderful window display. These mysterious bottles also made me think of the past year and the soul searching I have done. What matters? What do I want to present online? How am I different? What do I have to say? It has been a very busy year to say the least and I am thrilled to have had it. Time to reflect, search, ponder and really dig deep into the upcoming year and the offerings I want to present. You see, I am represented by the bottles, the gathered dust, the collective love, the standing still. It has been my art career. Starting in one place all shiny and sparkly and through the ages changing, challenging and letting myself grow into the curious artist I am today. It isn’t always pretty but the results are always the same. I must create! I love to teach and I am just in the beginning stages of what comes next which is so exciting I can barely stand it. So, what do these bottles say to you? What do you see staring back at you at this moment?



After 20 years of being in business for myself as an artist, I am searching, opening up and realizing what I want for the next 20 years. It has taken me a long while to get to this space, listening to my inner voice, the one that makes me vulnerable. It has been pushed down for a long time, but I am finally ready to unleash its power, clarity!

Have you ever questioned yourself about wants, needs, purpose, destination, journey?
I do all the time but this year I decided to actually work on each of these, one by one. My purpose is finally defined, I want to be in the business of inspiration. To inspire, encourage, support others while offering artful¬†classes that help explore creativity. In some, this is hidden waiting for the right moment and motivation to come out and play. For others, it is that inner voice of wanting more. More explanation, more depth, more understanding of being able to create what is inside. Either journey is personal, very personal and I want to offer you inspiration here and now. It is okay to be at the stage you are in, honestly we all start somewhere. It is okay to want something for yourself in this extremely demanding world. It is okay to try and fail, it means you are learning. It is okay to explore what you like, develop a style that speaks to you, even if it is different from everyone else. It is okay to be you! I want you to tap into the inner joy it will bring to create and honor it to shine. We have one life on earth, I am inviting you to spread your artistic wings and soar. I’m here for you, I won’t let you fall. Are you ready? I am….

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017


As we say goodbye to another year I want to spend some time reflecting on the good, the bad and the ugly. We need to celebrate the good, our wins, our successes, our happiness – they are fueling us for the New Year. We also need to acknowledge the bad, the wish we had done better, the lessons we learned but also give us credit for taking chances and trying something. Let’s not be too hard on ourselves, after all, lessons are there to learn from, right? There is always something to gain when you look at the outcome. Now, onto the ugly. This is the hard one but it needs to be recognized too. The losses, the pain, sometimes even the suffering. Here’s the good thing though, we made it. We managed through it and will push ourselves into the New Year. We are here today, celebrate that. Where you are, today! As we¬†head into the New Year let’s focus on the positive, the new slate, the exciting what ifs. That is some powerful motivation if you think about it and give it all of your energy as you move into a year that has no story, no definition, just unlimited possibilities waiting for you. Happy New Year, let’s make this year amazing!